Brands and businesses are “E-Commercing” now. How about you?

Classic trading methods are taking their place on the dusty shelves of history. New generation communication technologies have accelerated the transformation of the stores into digital in all branches. Leave behind the old fashioned shopping methods, move your products or services to an unlimited channel where you can safely do business 24/7.

People decide whether to shop on "SOCIAL MEDIA" Have you decided yet?

Social media networks; they offer people more options than a normal store display. People can travel tirelessly, read reviews about products and services, browse experiences, question them endlessly, and most importantly, they can do all this easily with a cup of coffee.

New reality of "MARKETING": If you are not on social media, then you are not present at all

All businesses seek to create 'brand loyalty', but few know that achieving this goal is through creating 'brand intimacy'. Due to the correct image and conscious reflex; it requires sustainable expertise. There is no crisis in world trade; there is only a new reality where there is no use in denying or avoiding this.

PR: "Assentation" or "Expertise"

Getting people to talk about you, appreciate you and buy your products & services is definitely not magic but is result of the communication process. Communication is a process that requires continuous, accurate, effective and measurable expertise.


Kano Media; The advertising, film, production and organization limited company was established in 2011. It produced many local and international productions with documentaries, movies, commercials and promotional films. With the digitalization of communication technologies, Kano Media, which carries its creative and original works to the digital medium, is a solution partner for businesses; provides services in branches that require expertise such as film, production, design, digital photography, script and copywriting, voiceover, SEO, E-commerce, website, corporate identity creation and corporate consultancy, brand building and brand positioning, social media management, marketing strategies.


The biggest problem of all companies producing various sizes of products and services' lack surplus value'. A brand is not a logo, a signboard, a showcase. Being a brand is a "plus value creation process" that requires continuity can add value to your business today and to its future. If ‘I have always produced for others until now. Now I want to produce for myself. I believe in this branding business, but I don't know how to become a brand and how to convince people that I am a brand!" is what you think, then we are here to help you.


E-Commerce Trading

E-Commerce; It is the main shopping platform of digital marketing activities. Do not be late to get ahead of your competitors, increase your turnover, save time and personnel costs by completing your digital transformation, and most importantly, ensure that your products and services reach the number of people you have not reached until now. Meet with Kano Media E-commerce solutions and keep your store open 24/7.


Social Media Management

The way and speed of communication have changed a lot. Brands, businesses or individual producers have to keep up with a consumer revolution unprecedented in history and go digital. Billions of people now follow the world from new generation technologies at their fingertips instead of newspapers, radio and TV, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Kano Media is always with you to find the audience you are looking for, to ensure correct communication with them and to create a unique interaction.


Individual and Corporate Websites

If you don't introduce yourself to people you don't know, you'll be stuck in your own little network forever. We offer you a unique experience to reach and interact with new audiences. How about an easy-to-use, new trend-compatible communication platform integrated with your social media accounts where you can share your advertising, promotions, campaigns and announcements or your knowledge and experience? Be sure to call for our individual or corporate website solution packages.


Software and Mobile Application

With the development of technology and the increase in the use of smart phones, mobile application needs have also increased rapidly. In addition to digital solutions and websites, mobile solutions have become the basic requirement of every company. Kano Media develops native and hybrid mobile applications that run on phones, tablets and other mobile devices with IOS and Android operating systems.


Establishing Corporate Identity

Companies should have a convenient image for their target audience which will be perceived correctly. Corporate identity; It is not just a logo, business card, signboard and letterhead. Therefore, we do our work by we positioning the brands by considering them in four perspectives as Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Behavior, Corporate Design and Corporate Communication.


Production Services

We have carried out many projects with our experienced team in the production and management of advertising, promotion, documentary and cinema projects. In addition, we continue to provide team and equipment support to different production companies and the brands we work with such as director, cinematographer, camera, cameraman, digital photography, light set, lighting team, script and copywriter, editing, animation and in and out generic.



In order to save your business from unnecessary workloads and costs, be sure to meet Kano Media digital transformation services. The value of your labor will increase, your company will save more time and money.


How compatible are your corporate identity, products and services with new generation technologies? Kano Medya designs responsive (mobile compatible), high resolution, easy to manage, dynamic, creative, new generation websites and e-commerce websites with its original software.


Kano Media successfully carries its corporate identity and brand DNA to digital platforms with its engineers and design staff in the software team. It develops innovative and high performance applications compatible with IOS and Android platforms.


Digital market; It is a vast ocean of fierce competition, powerful storms, huge waves, foggy gorges and icebergs that will suddenly appear before you. Brands sail over this ocean. Their ability to stay on the water and reach their destination depends on their progress on the right route and with captains who have road experience.


If search engine algorithms were stable and understandable, it would be very easy for all of us to achieve the success we aim for. But this is not the case at all. Each digital environment constantly changes its algorithms to protect its value and to separate the good from the bad. This change is almost a test for brands; the test of staying on top. There are two ways to always be at the top in digital media. The first is to advertise with good budgets, the second is to do SEO and SEM with an expert team that produces solutions suitable for algorithms. The first is risky, vulnerable to abuse by your competitors, and temporary however, the second is risk-free, safe and permanent.